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Genetic Counseling Mobile Application


UX/UI Designer & Researcher


This particular project was part of a year long capstone experience to earn my degree. For the project I was one of two UX/UI Designers working with an industry client taking an early concept for a mobile learning application and designing the UX/UI for the application to prepare it for a multi platform launch.

This was my first of a few client projects managing UX/UI in various stages of development. This particular project had only a primitive foundation to build off of. The other UX Designer on the project and I first established our goals for the project by creating a style guide that we pitched to our client. Based on our client's feedback we decided on a style guide to follow for creating multiple different wireframe variants that we pitched to our client. Upon receiving feedback from the client we continued working on the wireframe, establishing a light interactive prototype in Adobe XD that we tested with many of the clients peers to before handing off the Design to be developed by our teams programmers.




Mobile Learning Application



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