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Maker Lab Mobile AR Application


AR & Swift Interactivity Programmer


A semester long project where my group of five was tasked with learning the foundations of Swift programming and responsible for creating an application to be used on the Boise State University campus by students and faculty.

I worked as one of two people responsible for working with the Swift programming language directly  and iOS platform to establish the foundation for an application to be used in the Maker Lab at BSU.

What is the maker lab?

The Maker Lab is a service offered by Boise State University that allows its students to utilize resources such as 3D printers, laser cutters, and soldering machines. This app demonstrates a new tool for teaching and giving instructions to the user using augmented reality. This prototype uses the labs vinyl cutter as its instructional focus. It is at the vinyl cutting station where a user can use the application to scan a tutorial access sticker to gain access to their preference of learning material either in AR, video or written form. 

My primary contribution for this project was learning Reality Kit as well as Reality Composer for establishing the augmented reality visualization and interactivity for the project. I also worked diligently with my peers in collecting feedback which allowed us to curate the experience better for user accessibility this led to my part in helping develop the Q&A Portion of the application as well as the written and video supplements for those that preferred that method of instruction over the AR format.






Apple iOS


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