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Game & UI/UX Designer and Researcher

Willy Clay

I'm a passionate and hardworking Game Designer specializing in UX/UI Design with additional experience in VFX, Level, Narrative and Audio design in 2D, 3D and VR environments. I strive to create accessible and immersive experiences utilizing my education and passion for User Experience Design.

Game & App Development


VR Drum Simulation


 Game Designer

NeoDrummer VR is an immersive drum simulation experience I took from concept to creation entirely independently using Unity and Oculus Integration. The goal was to create a realistic drum experience in multiple environments for both novice and experienced musicians to practice their craft in a new way.


Multiplayer VR Game


VFX Design, Level Design & Illustration

The Multiplayer Maze Experience began as a small six person group project over one Fall semester. The project was born on the premise of attempting to create procedurally generated mazes for a player to experience in VR and later utilized Photon to make the experience multiplayer. The primary programmer and I have since restarted this project and are employing design sprints to create a new and improved version of the experience as a two person team. Currently in development.


AR Mobile Application

makerlab screenshot_edited.jpg

AR/Swift Programmer

A semester long project where my group of five was tasked with learning the foundations of Swift programming and responsible for creating an application to be used on the Boise State University campus by students and faculty. I worked as one of two people responsible for working with the Swift programming language directly to establish the foundation for an application to be used in the Maker Lab at BSU. My primary contribution for this project was learning Reality Kit as well as Reality Composer for establishing the augmented reality visuals and interactivity for the project. 


World Creator

UX/UI Design

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